~ Feet as Roots, Womb as Moon ~

"...Inside all of us is a Wild Thing."


I am an embodiment of the Divine and in my uterine blood is Her creative and destructive power. Mine is a wild nature [...]


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Author and freelancer lecturer I have been published and worked on different type of books, mainly concerning magical-spiritual, ecological and holistic topics.


Esoteric Herbalism combines the medicinal and vibrational properties of plants and their compounds[...]. My products can be purchased on-line on Domina Lunae Apothecary.

Women's Spirituality

Witches, Priestess, Women of the Goddess: The word "witch" indicates a woman who knows and practices the ancient arts of healing and witchcraft, a set of magical techniques and rituals [...]

Earth Medicine and Magic

My life has always been deeply connected with nature and wildness, this communion with earth led me to the study of plants from different points of view as magical-energetic, therapeutic, eco-spiritual and botanical as well. [...]


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